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Underwater Photography for Compact Camera Users Softback - 17.95 plus p&p EBook 9.95

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A superb 176 page A5 underwater photography guide, this is the first book ever to be completely dedicated to users of compact cameras for underwater photography and is suitable for both snorkellers and divers from complete beginners to more advanced users with any kind of compact.

This is an easy-to-understand practical guide covering everything to help you choose a suitable camera, understanding all of its settings, using additional accessories such as wet lenses and strobes as well as a huge chapter dedicating to compostion tips and tricks.  A special Guest Gallery is also included to show how complete beginners have gone on to win many prizes using the techniques in this book.  There is a section to write your own notes as well as a piece from Carl Safina's book "Song for the Blue Ocean."

Maria has dedicated her career in underwater photography, both as a photographer and an instructor, helping many guests worldwide achieve amazing results with compact cameras. She has designed this book to be inspiring, easy-to-understand and full of glossy pictures to help guide you through each chapter.

Dave Baker who bought this book from me has won Sport Diver's Photo of the Month in less than one month after purchasing it!  Well done Dave!  You can see his winning photo in February 2011's issue.


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Book reviews:

Diver Magazine - September Edition by John Bantin   -   Read the full review by John Bantin here

"It is crammed full of information and pictures that tell the would-be underwater compact-user all they need to know.  I recommend this book to anyone who is about to go on a diving holiday and wants to come back with less than disappointing pictures."


Peter Rowland's Underwater Photography Magazine - September/October issue

"Even SLR photographers would learn something from this book"  Dan Bolt

Read UWPMAG.com review here by Dan Bolt


Sport Diver Magazine Review by Martin Bruce, Deputy Editor - October 2010

"Innovative" by Outdoor Photographer Magazine, November 2010



Divers Warehouse


"WOW! Faster than a speeding barracuda! I thought you were a bit optimistic on delivery time for your new book, but no, at 9.30 am this morning, the postie delivered. I am amazed. Thank you for such a personal service" John Thomson

"Having ordered my book from you today I was amazed to receive a personal email from you and to have received some personal tips tailored to my own camera set-up as well!

Thank you so much - can't wait to get that rusty programme mode into use this weekend - and then spend the rest of the week reading the tips from your book!"  Kirsty Andrews

"I highly recommend it to both new photographers and those with more experience like me.  From page one it had me thinking.  I had definitely got stuck in a rut.  I can't wait to get out and start practicing new things.  I'm sure I will return to your book over and over again for guidance and inspiration.  Thanks again."  Ian Johnson, Winner of Competition run in conjunction with DIVER Magazine.

"Books arrived today, had a flick through and first impression is WOW! Can't wait to sit down and read it!" David Shrubb

"Maria's book is brilliant - it's clear, concise, well laid-out and easy-to-understand. The first couple of chapters are almost a step-by-step guide to how to get the best out of the (often limited) settings on a compact, supported by photos demonstrating the various techniques and results.  There's even a chapter on temperate water photography, which you don't often get in books of this kind.

The rest of the book is devoted to 'fine-tuning' your underwater techniques covering lighting, framing and all the other skills that go towards producing a good piccie.  There's space at the back for notes, plus a useful list of relevant websites.

If you're scared to take your camera off the comfort blanket of 'auto' - buy this book immediately!  Kirstie Simms

"I got my copy of this book earlier this month.  A great read for someone who is new to underwater photography.  Full of great tips from basic camera set-up, choosing your kit and taking that great underwater photo.

Nicely illustrated with photos showing various techniques in use and the resulting shots.  It's definitely helped me understand my camera more, where I went wrong with my first outing and also how I can get better results for the future.  A great read."  Phil Benson

"Thanks so much for the books that arrived today! Looks fantastic and is the right size to take on a diving holiday." Colin Macpherson



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